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Luxury Yacht Charter Dubai
Day yacht rental in Dubai, yacht charter Arabian Gulf with unique cruising options.

Dubai Charter Guide

Dubai is one of seven emirates that form the United Arab Emirates. From a day yacht rental in Dubai to a luxury yacht charter Arabian Gulf. World-class events such as the Dubai World Cup, Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, and International Dubai Boat Show gather celebrities and VIP guests from around the world.

Yacht Charter Dubai

Luxury yacht charter Dubai. Charter a Dubai yacht on a private cruise with luxury services onboard creating unique experiences. Finest Yacht Charter Dubai as part of Finest Luxury Yachts provides the best luxury yachts for charter Dubai and worldwide destinations. Luxury yachts to rent per hour and day in Dubai.

Luxury Yacht Events

Finest Yacht Charter Dubai luxury team of yacht advisors, lifestyle managers, and luxury yacht event planners will conceptualize and create a spectacular world-class yacht event/party. We are planning events all over Dubai and around the world, including Mykonos, Athens, Ibiza, and Monaco.

Explore just a small selection of our charter yachts below.

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Luxury Yacht Rental Dubai

Dubai luxury yacht rental. Rent a Dubai luxury yacht, the perfect choice for the finest luxury yacht charter experience in Dubai and the UAE.

Day Yacht Rental (25 guests) Weekly (7 guests)

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Day Yacht Rental Dubai

Rent a Dubai yacht and enjoy day yacht rentals in Dubai. A day yacht rental in Dubai is a must-do during your vacation in Dubai and the UAE.

Day Rental (12 guests) Weekly (4 guests)

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Superyacht Charter Dubai

Dubai luxury yacht charter. Charter a Dubai superyacht with luxury services onboard for a luxury day cruise in Dubai. Highly rated by all our guests in Dubai.

Day Yacht Charter (30 guests) Weekly (8 guests)

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Dubai Private Yacht Charter

Dubai private yacht charter. Charter a Dubai private yacht, designed for people who love comfort and speed. The right choice for the ideal private charter experience.

Day Private Yacht Charter (8 guests)

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Motor Yacht Rental Dubai

Luxury motor yacht rentals for day rental in Dubai. Morning cruise, sunset cruise, full-day cruise. Relax, chill and sunbathe on the deck of a motor yacht for the day!

Day Rental (12 guests) Weekly (6 guests)

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Luxury Cruise Dubai

Enjoy a day luxury cruise in Dubai with our Dubai yacht rental or a weekly crewed luxury cruise combining relaxation, leisure, adventure, wellness, and VIP nightlife.

Day Cruise (30 guests) Weekly (8 guests)

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Day Yacht Hire Dubai

Hire a Dubai yacht for a day charter or a morning cruise. Relax and enjoy unique moments and luxury experiences on a day yacht charter.

Day Charter (30 guests) Weekly (6 guests)

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Day Private Yacht Charter Dubai

Enjoy a private yacht charter in Dubai for a day with our Dubai yacht rentals. A private yacht charter experience to the best locations in Dubai.

Day Charter (10 guests) Weekly (4 guests)

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Day Cruise Dubai

Charter a Dubai yacht and have a day yacht cruise in Dubai according to your taste and budget with an exterior deck layout offering spacious relaxation areas.

Day Cruise (12 guests) Weekly (4 guests)

Experience life onboard tailored to your exact preferences.

Best Yacht Party Planners Dubai & VIP Access

Best private yacht party in Dubai. VIP access to private events in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Finest Yacht Charter Dubai luxury team of event and party planners, lifestyle managers and yacht concierge will make your celebration or an intimate moment unique and memorable. We conceptualise and create spectacular World-Class event/parties in Dubai and Worldwide.

VIP guests experiences, luxury yacht hospitality, VIP access to private events, VIP nightlife experiences at Abu Dhabi Grand Prix - F1 (November 2022).

Day Yacht Rental Dubai

Day yacht charter in Dubai, by Finest Yacht Charter Dubai. Explore Dubai onboard our crewed private yachts for day rental in Dubai. From morning cruise, yacht rental per hour, sunset cruise, a full day yacht rental, to any special yacht rental occassion with family and friends.
Catering and chef onboard, DJ, saxophone player, design lighting, finger food, drinks, wines, champagne, bartenders, and waiters, can be arranged in any day yacht rentals in Dubai. Endless variety of yacht rentals, Dubai Marina yacht rental, photo shooting at Burj Al Arab, romantic gateways. Corporate bonding and event yacht rental in Dubai, friends leisure and adventure activities with water sports and the finest luxury yacht toys.

Luxury Yacht Charter Dubai

Finest Yacht Charter Dubai provides a wide range of luxury services in Dubai that our VIP guests can combine with any of our luxury yacht charters. From luxury wellness services, entairtainment, VIP access to private events, bespoke luxury concierge, and one of a kind leisure and adventure activities covering your every desire!

VIP guests experience the height of glamour on a luxury superyacht charter in Dubai, the Middle East most luxurious city.

Luxury Services

Chartering a yacht with Finest Yacht Charter Dubai offers all you can imagine and beyond. At Finest Yacht Charter Dubai, we proud our shelfs on delivering an unparaleled, luxury yacht charter experience.
Luxury Travel Services, Yacht Chauffeur, Security Services, Yacht VIP Services, 24/7 Luxury Concierge, Yacht Provisioning, World-Class Luxury Event & Party Planning Services. Finest Yacht Charter Dubai is in partnership with the Finest Luxury Yachts & Finest Luxury Group, dedicated to raising standards in luxury travel, wellness, fulfilling every travel, lifestyle, and leisure request, providing the most luxurious yachts and finest luxury services in UAE & Worldwide. Contact your Finest Yacht Charter Dubai luxury yacht advisor!

Finest Yacht Charter Dubai

Finest Yacht Charter Dubai luxury team provides luxury at its finest, with the best yacht charter Dubai have to offer. Enjoy a day out in the sea with your friends and family.
Luxury yacht charter escapes Dubai, UAE, Europe, and Worldwide by Finest Yacht Charter. Contact your Finest Yacht Charter Dubai luxury yacht advisor, and book your luxury vacations!
Finest Yacht Charter Dubai is a part of Finest Yacht Charter and Finest Luxury Yachts covering the full spectrum of all yachting activities.

Luxury Yacht Charter Experiences.


Whether you are on your honeymoon or just looking for a romantic getaway, a luxury yacht charter offers the flexibility and choice for the ultimate honeymoon escape.
Every element of a luxury honeymoon yacht charter is tailored to the exact needs of you and your partner with bespoke cuisine, luxurious accommodation, and a professional and attentive crew to ensure total relaxation on your romantic vacation.

Family & Friends

Family & friends superyacht experiences are tailor-made to the needs and interests of you and your VIP guests. You might be looking to gather the clan together for a special celebration on your yacht, or simply seeking a chance to get away with the children and have some fun in peace and privacy – whatever you have in mind, wherever you’d like to go, and however big your party, Finest Yacht Charter Dubai can craft and coordinate the perfect itinerary.


A superyacht charter is the best way to bring family and friends together, team up a corporate team, or combine the healing elements of physical treatments, spirituality, luxury lifestyle, cuisine, and art, onboard a yacht just for you.
Relax and unwind, enjoy a complete dazzlingly glam sanctuary of elegance and serenity, a seductive oasis of luxury for living energetic experiences in beautiful surroundings. Idyllic surroundings, peace and tranquillity, and a complete, well-being program tailored specifically to your needs.

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix - F1

Taking place annually, the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is one of the most anticipated events on the Formula 1 calendar for both racing fans and luxury yachtsmen alike. Held on the Yas Island, a venue built in 2009 at the behest of the Abu Dhabi Royal Family, the Yas Marina Circuit is a dream come true for car lovers and yacht enthusiasts. VIP guests experiences, luxury yacht hospitality, VIP access to private events, VIP nightlife experiences. 


Yacht Charter Dubai

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